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tv   [untitled]    March 6, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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golden gate transit bus and i am, impressed of how professionals they are,. they are advertising themselves as a party on wheels for 20 somethings and they have costume and musical instruments, and you know, the drivers rated on their ability to chat up the customers, all of this stuff, kind of mitigates against the safety in my opinion, thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> frank fahe, taxi man. >> for shame, invest tore ors in this criminal enterprise and if they were not for you they would not exist, i will talk about the billionaires that invest in them, they don't need to charge, they are free because they are put out there by you. to gather data. so ron con ray, and larry page,
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and you are traders to your country and your city. >> thank you sir. >> next speaker. >> definitely agree with that. >> my name is trevor johnson and i am the technical director for the san francisco cab driver association and we are the ones collecting the license plate data on the tnc vehicles but i would like to let you guys know that as a dispatcher i can say that with the solid authority of the 30 odd accessible vehicles in the fleet only about 4 to 6 are going on per shift. that is horrendous, that is, very shameful. we have collected over 4,000 plates, over the last six months, and major insurance companies are actually accessing our data to research insurance fraud. start investigating and prosecuting it. and some of the tnc drivers like the guy earlier was saying that you know, we are seeing
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these guys with multiple phones on the window, we are talking four phones on the window, isn't textsing and driving illegal? do we really need thousands of largely unmarked questionablely insured vehicles on our streets with the drivers focused on their phones and not the road in front of them. >> thank you for the data gathering as well. >> no problem, i have 2,000 pictures as well. >> great. >> next speaker? >> hello. my name is jacob davis and i guess that i am just a citizen, but i have a deeply motional investment and my friends are cab drivers and you guys pick me up and you are good people and i am a certified nursing assistant from orange county and this is identity to the problem that we had there with a lack of regulation and we had registries and these different, and these different, private companies, that were not licensed bonded or insured sending out people who were not certified to take care of the elderly in their home, and in a
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company where i am licensed and bonded and insured so if i mess up and get hurt, they are not lieible and i am not lieible the company has it covered, it is so just identical to having these and there is no oversight, you know, there needs to be some type of regulation, of a board and we need an american board of home care in orange county, but there needs to be an oversight or regulation, because right now, they got run of the streets. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> greetings, supervisors my name is christopher and thanks for holding this meeting and thanks for keeping things real. this problem arose due to the company's delay in moderizing dispatch, the service gap is filled in an ex-sped ent way, they need the incentive of effective dispatch and there are two keys to this and deployment of the global
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positioning and the pass orders on and this, new thing and recent business of not passing orders on is like, football, or basketball, without passing the ball and it is like only allowing baseball with those holes in one or golf with, and it is golf with holds in one and baseball with home runs only, $15 per shift, no i have not done my taxes yet, but i can tell you that in 2012,-weekered 37 days more and i made $37,000 less, and i never made it into the middle class if it exists. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> good morning, taxi driver, every point has been made and i want to thank, specifically the director for a complete report, and now, i have two issues, one it has not been addressed, yes, crimes have been committed and
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never spoken about, i had a lady who came into my cab and told me that she had been raped in one of those unmarked black cars and i could not make her go to the police she was too scared and did not want to talk about it. and two young men picked up at a gay bar and taken to a different location where they were beaten, and robbed and they called it a hate crime. so that is just one issue more, of the public safety than what people understand. also, multiple customers told me that they lose items and never find them there is no lost and found and that is another issue. and the other point that i want to make is okay. technology and progresses, we cannot reinvent the wheel but we can improve the wheel, if we can improve a whole industry, give it to us, sell it to us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> hi, my name is beth powder and i am a driver and i have a
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program to make about the ramp cabs and during one of my shifts i knew that there was only one ramp cab in service and there was an hour in which we had over eight orders waiting there is no way that one ramp cab can pick up eight people in one hour. we are short drivers and we need to take care of our customers. >> my name is au tin peterson and taxi driver 20 years and my income has gone way down and this is the cpuc and is this the same organization that is responsible for the gas line in san bruno in and i think that they have too much on their plate and so that i can them out of the picture. >> thank you. >> next speaker? >> hello my name is rich magoo and i am a driver for yellow cab and i don't understand the
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political process in this city. for three years now, this has been going on. and these people have just started being basically gypsy cabs and they have just allowed to roam and do whatever they are doing and now we are talking about providing choice for the consumer, and we are talking about whether or how they should be regulated, the process, there was a procedure, there is a, there is a regime in the city for the issuing of new cabs and that has completely been bypassed >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker? >> good afternoon, chris, ceo of city wide taxi in san francisco, and i have grown up in and around the taxi cab industry for over 30 years and make no mistake, these companies are providing on
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demand, for hire transportation just like taxi cabs do, and they are using a new technology to facility it for the customer and the service but that does not change the business that they are in. by calling themselves, a new type of transportation, and ignoring the rules of effectively deregulated the taxi cab market and when the companies like these are not held accountable by the regulations their motivation is going to be at odds with public safety and we are not asking for protection, we are asking for a level playing field and i will take the driving skills and the knowledge of the city streets against any of these drivers any day in the level playing field, thank you. >> thank you. >> if there is anyone else that would like to speak that has not been called you can come forward but we are trying to wrap this hearing up, sir? >> my name is michael maddox but we are talking about the safety of san francisco and i like san francisco to adopt certain standards that is already in place, one being i am sorry, the vehicle code of
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california 260. and which states that a commercial vehicle is a motor vehicle for hire. and those vehicles have to be commercially registered with the dmv as well as cover with commercial insurance. >> and that should be something that should be in the law within san francisco as well. the second thing that i would like to do is have san francisco permit each driver that wants to drive through these companies. to insure that we are making sure ha they have the commercial vehicle. they have the commercial and everything that is checked out each year or whatever, and or whatever sequence. and other than that that, they should not be operating as of right now because they are providing a commercial service and by the federal law, the government states that any vehicle that is by time, is a vehicle that is a taxi cab. >> thank you so much, mr.
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maddox. >> thank you. >> and i should let everyone know that we are join, or we have been joined by supervisor john avalos and supervisor campos has been excused and supervisor kim is replacing him on this committee. >> next speaker? >> good afternoon, my name is paul goodfader and i was one of the first ramp drivers in san francisco in 1994 before i got certified i drove 4 and a half months young lady that was up here earlier, i understand exactly where she is coming from, i went 4 and a half months driving 6 days a week, eleven hours, sometimes 12 just picking up people that were not only just in wheelchairs, but they were disabled. the point being is, the disabled no matter who you are, everybody has a disability. there is no discrimination in this person right here.
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i take my job very seriously, and you should do the same, get rid of those guys they are taking money out of my pocket, i lost 60 percent in the last ten years because of these guys. i won't stand for that, thank you. >> thank you. >> >> good afternoon, my name is ernistenand i strongly object to all of these pink mustaches and gypsy cabs around the city untamed and unregulated and they are destroying the wonderful taxi industry, my cousins were taxi drivers in new york and they had no education, but they could make a good living, when they came to this country by driving a cab. and working in the garment center in the off seasons. and so, their medallions cost them thousands of dollars and that is eroded and no one will buy them with all of this going
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on, and so shut them down and be tough and discipline. >> thank you. >> they have a business model based on it is dangerous but it is also based on deceit. and i would like to address this idea of casual labor, this used to be a labor town and here we have something that is replacing full time bread winners with part time workers. that are supplementing their income from another source. and the issue of worker's comp, when they are injured, who pays? who is going to pay for all of this? >> the public is going to pay. and another, and an important question is, do these companies exist solely for the purpose of the ipo? if they follow the pattern of
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these otherwise, i think so. and do you really want to lose an industry, you see how great all of these people are and it is a great industry, do you want to lose that. is this just the idea or these companies will shut down and they are not sustainable. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we have another card, ray sloan, please come forward, next speaker? >> jeffrey rosen, vice president of san francisco cab driver association 20 year cab driver, these companies, are guied in a deceitful manner and they are operating in the same manner, and our group is sphere headed the collection of data over 4,000 license plates and, that is just a sample, and we don't know how many are out there but there are thousands and thousands, approximately 1900 cabs only. and and we are talking about
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the liability insurance background checks and vehicle inspection and they are operating without any proper commercial liability. if i work in a store and no one is in the store does that mean that i am not covered in the insurance? it is the same thing as being in the transportation service and the price, surging, i mean, pardon me, and they have neighborhoods that are changing from hour it hour as far as costs. and they are discriminating against the public, this is a public safety, issue, and >> it has. >> and let me just finish by saying. >> wrap up quickly. >> taxi cab transportation service it is your duty as regulators. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> high my name is bary corn gold and i have been driving a cab in the city for over 25
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years and this is not a new industry, it is a new technology at one time taxi cabs used to line up at taxi stands and there will be one stand and they will get up and do the call and this taxi industry has been around hundreds of years. california government code requires cities and counties to regulate this taxi service. and we all need to be regulated equally in this violation of the equal protection clauses in the u.s. and in the california cons constitutions to do otherwise and we were active participants in the proceeding and it was not done in the fair way, they opened the flood gates and allowed them to operate without inadequate insurance and they had an excess insurance policy that relies on the personal insurance coverage first and the personal insurance federation in california stated that the puc proceedings that personal insurance does not cover vehicles operating as gnc and yet they allowed them to
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operate. please take the responsibility and regulate them as us and we are all taxi cabs. >> next speaker? >> peter whit, yellow cab, and 26 years, and native san franciscan and i would refer these lettered e-mails to the board of supervisors, and five, as far as taxi safety is concerned, and i would also, as far as hard data, and taxi service is concerned, would i also submit, this survey that i have done this year and i have also 15 years previously and one in each and every year, and consist of 1,000 customers. and with a 90 over 90 percent return rate and when it comes to taxi, excuse me, limousine enforcement, and i would like a show of hands of cpu c does not regulate... and that is obvious, and when you look at a hotel, and a door
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man and a limousine that stands out front and i would like to city a show of hands that drivers regular that realize that they are not regulated in front of hotels so when it comes to the non-technology, and taxi, and excuse me, non-technology network companies. because they are not... >> thank you. >> they are not technical they are transportation. >> that is the name. >> thank you very much. >> ray sloan, i was one of the founders of the ride share association with the shuttle companies that shuttle people to and from td hotels and the neighborhoods. we have formed the ride share association in 1993 to protect the interests of the drivers,
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which are or were at the time were 300 and now are 400. and going to and from the airport and there is a highly regulated industry. and the uber cabs have had affected it to the ex-at the present time of about 30 percent, fall off and some, some believe as high as 40 percent and they now hold control over the internet and if you google, ride share to the airport, they are the ones that show up the uber cabs show up and not the traditional ride share shuttle companies. and that founded this, and pushed this business, and it needs to be, it needs to be regulated and something needs to be done, thank you. >> thank you, mr. sloan, next speaker? >> hi, my name is avy langer and i have been a taxi cab driver off and on since 2006 here in san francisco. and the few issues that i kind of wanted to raise or bring up,
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starting salary for muni bus cleaners and parking enforcement and muni pavement is close to $50,000 in benefit and that is starting salary, a full time taxi cab driver working 45 to 60 hours a week can make that much, does the driver want a raise in benefits? yes. how is it possible when anyone can drive and make dollars on the street? the city needs to protect the long term interests by keeping the limit on the amount of money making vehicles on its streets, in 1988 i got cited for selling carpets off i fence for conducting unlicensed business and today there is a parking lot there, if i showed shots of booze for a buck or two what would happen? would the city later issue license to under selling bars, at license to sell alcohol? someone should write a book about the evolution of transportation for higher business in northern california and the usa. >> thank you. >> next speaker.
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>> if there is anyone else that would like to speak, we are going to close this hearing in a few minutes, next speaker? >> good afternoon, sir, it is me again and i did not have enough time. >> we can't let you speak again. >> i am sorry. >> but, our office will be available if you want to give your testimony to our office. >> next speaker. >> my name is andrew mathia and i am a cab driver in san francisco and i would like to say that in my lifetime tabies have been regulated by the bodies, the regulations in place have been fought out over decades and the tncs come in and start to operate illegally, and are ordered to stop, and now they are just allowed to continue on with their business model which is basically dangerous to people. taxi cabs are limited in number in san francisco because they are a limited number of passengers we don't issue the permits based on how busy it is, we base it on how slow it is. if it is more often slow than
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it is busy. and when you allow these companies whose only interest is making money because they make money off of the number of people so they put on the streets, their incentive and to put more and more vehicles on the streets so they can make more money and it is not safe because the drivers have to live and make a living and so they are encouraged to drive faster, uber and lift business model encourages them to drive unsafely. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> hi. >> my name is katherine baker and i have been a cab driver since 1974 when i graduated from the university. and i make these days, less than i did when i started. and it is because of this unfair competition. so, i think that something should be done and i hope that you hear what people are saying to you and take you know get rid of these guys who are so
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illegal, and unsafe. and their pink mustaches tell me if i am wrong they were created by the mayor to give us his daughter a job so she regulated that? is there any truth to that? >> i don't think that is true. >> the mayor does not have anything to do the pink mustaches or his daughter? >> no? >> i don't think that that is true, ma'am. >> okay. >> next speaker? >> thank you. >> i have been driving the taxi for the last six years and i would like to also cpu c what kind of this shedding is it, and the drivers that call, and they are down reaching it and (inaudible) from me and more over, (inaudible) if we taxi drivers go to (inaudible) pick up a customer, we have been...
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they can pick them from anywhere in the area and remote anywhere and so in that case, also, (inaudible) customers too much and because of all of these things and illegal things. (inaudible). >> thank you, sir. >> is there anyone else that would like to speak that has not spoken yet? no, you already spoke. >> we are going to close the public comment and let me, or before i close the public comment, let me withdraw that without objection? is there anyone from uber lift, or their representatives from the so-called tncs that we invited several times to this hearing, i am going to give them an opportunity for them to speak is there anyone here that would like to speak? >> then i see none, so let me say that we are going to close public comment. >> thank you. >> colleagues, i know that there may be a couple of other closing comments, but let me be
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brief. it has been a great learning experience, thank you so much to the drivers and the companies and the disabled advocates and the pedestrian safety and the other advocates that have come out today and this hearing has been focused on insurancing the public's safety and insurancing access, and looking at a new wild west of an industry that is sprouted up without adequate state regulation, and then definitely not enough attention from our local government. and i wanted to say that and i wanted to thank, sophie lou's family for being here mr. dolan and my intent following up with this hearing as a first step is to look at working with some of my colleagues, and stake holders that have been here to draft a board of supervisors resolution, coming up detailing the shortcomings of the policy and making strong suggestions that as we work with the state's puc to fix those gaps,
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and to address the unfair playing field that currently exists that many have brought up, the issues of discrimination and especially for the disabled community and other issues, and i know that we have look at it with our attorneys and the disabled community as well and i also intend to work with our budget and legislative analyst office to look at the economic harm of a new industry, and look at how we as a city address the economics of this new industry, and i am not even going to call it tncs as many suggested, and start to look to a more appropriate term of a new private sector that is unregulated currently, and as others said really is a potential threat to the safety on the streets, and lastly, as i stated at the beginning of this hearing, we locally, in san francisco, we have a responsibility to avoid the preventable tragedies like the death of sophie lou and i look forward to working with all of
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you as we move forward not only with the vision zero but also the stated goals of protecting our public and the safety of our residents. colleagues are there any other comments? >> supervisor yee? >> so, supervisor mar, thank you, for bringing this here and in front of this committee, and i am in not, new any more, but relatively new but the supervisors that this is the first time that i have been in the hearing to listen to the concerns and so forth, and so that was very educational process for myself. the presentation, it looks like there are suggestions in there that would i like to have the discussion with my colleagues to see what we can do to have the san francisco be a much more balanced approach to who is providing services. >> thank you. >> supervisor avalos? >> so i wanted to thank supervisor mar for holding this
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hearing. all too often the board of supervisors has not weighed in on issues related to taxis. and because it is under the mta, we don't have direct jurisdiction but i think that we have gotten into a crisis mode where we actually do have to discuss how we can weigh in. i have actually was very happy to here that supervisor mar was working on these issues because it made me feel that i am not alone in looking at it and i want to work collaborativively with my colleagues to see if there are jurisdictional issues that we can apply and can we have it severed from the cpuc and we can actually make the streets safer and have the regulation here locally? and so i have been working with the people from the stake holders related to the taxi industry and to see, if we can do just that, and i have been working with supervisor mar to ask our city attorney if we could explore what jurisdiction we can have, and for the regulation and for bringing those forward, and so, i am, i
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think that it is time for that to happen. and the stories, from taxi drivers, about how you have lost so much after your years of service, is just incredible to me and we cannot let this industry fail and we have to bring it up to to the same standard for anyone who is providing the service in san francisco and so i look forward to working with my colleagues on that. and working with the taxi industry, to help to make that happen as well. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. >> and so, we have finished our comments on this, could ask if we could continue this to the call of the chair and we will alert the stake holders, could we do that without objection? thank you. >> mr. evans could you call item 2? >> are we going to call two and three together? >> yes, please call two and
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three together. if i could ask the people to leave the room as quietly as you can. >> item 2, is a resolution urging the mayor the chief of police, and director of municipal transportation agency to adopt the vision zero three point plan to expedite the goals of the san francisco pedestrian an and bicycle strategies. and item three is a resolution urging the transportation authority to convene and coordinate a pedestrian safety public awareness working group and to develop an action plan within 90 days of the first meeting. >> thank you and i would like to hand the meeting over to the sponsor, kim, avalos and yee. >> thank you. first of all i do want to thank all of the members of the public and our departments who waited very patiently, and so thank you for sticking around for this really important hearing. but, for many of you folks that could not stay, i should just
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emphasize, that this will not be the first hearing on this issue and this will not be the last as many of you know that are here in the room today, we called for the city to make changes and that is zero traffic fatalities and more cyclist and drivers to share our existing infrastructure, we are interesting san francisco to create vision zero. engineering enforcement and education. we believe that a focus on these three areas will make it a safer